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How to Invest Money in Real Estate and How do I Make a Profit?

How and where to invest money in today’s Covid-19 world is a question that gets asked a lot. Truth is that you can invest money in property in Australia seemingly through any situation because the government refuses to allow the construction industry to fail. So if the “where” is property in Australia, the “how” is very important. When you invest money in real estate, how do you measure your profit return to ensure you are not wasting time (and your
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Buying First Home – Asset or Liability?

The Problem with House and Land Packages You are looking at buying your own home because it’s the “Australian dream” and it will be one of if not the biggest asset you’ll ever own -right? Well not quite. Let me explain. To understand whether something is an “Asset” or not let’s revisit the definition of an asset. Below is the official definition from Investopedia: What is an Asset? An asset is a resource with economic value that an individual, corporation, or
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