Our Passion:
Helping You Turn Complex Property Investment Problems into Premium Profits

So What's PPP All About?

Empowering & Educating Aspiring Property Developers and helping them to access consistent Premium Property Profits.

We created this business because we saw a need. Everyday, Australians invest in real estate, but don't understand the process nor even understand how to undertake a simple project feasibility study in many cases. 

Then again, there are those who find that poor advice and/or strategy is netting them inferior profits and outcomes!

Meet Our Team

Jason GloZ

Co-founder PPP

Shehan Tambinayagam

Co-founder PPP


Jason Gloz

Hi, my name is Jason and I am a business owner, property developer, building designer, entrepreneur and mentor.

I'm also a sport lover, gym and fitness enthusiast and take an overall interest in the economy and the political environment. 

Today, I spend most of my time running my businesses at my office or home office in Melbourne thanks to technology. I’m able to run multiple property developments on behalf of my clients with the help of my awesome team.

When I’m not working on my businesses you’ll probably find me…

At the MCG cheering on my beloved Melbourne Football club with friends or spending time with my family and friends. 


Professional Resume

Since 2010 I have


  • Designed and managed over 300 property projects,
  • Helped 100’s of my clients add value to their properties
  • Property development strategies such as Renovation,
  • Residential Property Development, 
  • Rooming Houses/Micro Apartments,
  • Residential to Commercial Conversion,
  • Commercial Property Development and also
  • Land Sub-Divisions.

I’ve dedicated my life to doing what I am passionate about, helping others build wealth through property development and serving others through business involvement. 


Shehan Tambinayagam

Hi my name is Shehan. I am an Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor and above all, a family man.

One of my life’s big purposes is creating independent income and wealth for myself and family for generations to come. My partner and I, along with my children deserve a shot at that. Surely!

I am slowly realising this goal with investing. The majority of my investing is in Australian Real Estate and Online Businesses currently. 

The day you need your job more than it needs you, that’s the day you realise you must take back control or keep accepting a mediocre reality. 

If life is one big struggle, then struggle with purpose to realise your freedom to choose where and how and with whom you spend your time. It isn’t easy, but when times get tough, understanding the value financial freedom holds for you, will get you through it convincingly. 

Professional Resume 

I have built a Real Estate investment portfolio, and have established online businesses.

I am an experienced Performance Coach with a 10 year history of working in the financial services industry.

Skilled in People Management, specialising in:

  • Driving Improvement, 
  • Creating High Performance Teams
  •  Management, Strategy Execution,
  • Effective Change Management, 
  • Developing Future Leaders,
  • Entrepreneurship, and
  • Entrepreneurship Mentoring.

Are you trying to figure out…

  • How much will my development cost?
  • What will the local council allow me to develop on my site?
  • How will I manage the process of developing and designing a development on my site?
  • Which designers, town planners and development experts should I trust?
  • Which property experts do I trust, and whose economic outlooks do I need to take into account when making decisions?
  • And ultimately, how do I make money from my property while achieving MORE freedom in my life.

We created PPP to assist you to find those answers.

It’s not just a business, but a support for ordinary people who want to learn how to make profits and add value to their property portfolio in different ways to how many property experts may advise you.

It’s a business where aspiring property owners and everyday people can get simple answers to complex property questions.

A place where you can pick the brains of industry insiders to find out how they help their clients to become successful, and help them to model success for years into the future without reinventing the wheel.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t just the ABC’s of property, we’re going to be covering the advanced stuff for you too. We’re just going to be doing it in a way that doesn’t require you to have a PhD to figure it all out.

And that’s about it. Thanks for stopping by and we sincerely hope we can help you on your journey.

To your success!