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If you are like me and have ever googled “ how to real estate investing” or
something similar , trust me you have your pick of so many gurus and experts out there. Some good, some great and quite a few “sharks” as I personally experienced.

That is something you should be aware of as you enter on the google search of “how to real estate investing” and prepare to take your first step.

This is my story and I hope you get some value from it if you are looking to get your start in the wonderful world of property investing.

My property investing journey started on Christmas Day 2017. I was inspired by my little brother’s ambition to be a gun stock market investor.

A few months before Christmas Day my brother and I talked into the wee hours of the morning about how it was time to stop mucking about and start making our late , great Father proud by living lives with freedom and purpose instead of a mediocre existence shackled to an unfulfilling job for 48 hours of freedom a week and 4 weeks of leave a year.

This was not the life we wanted to lead, nor was it the legacy we wanted to leave for our children.

I was so moved by this conversation that it was then I committed to myself and decided to finally take my property investing seriously.

The next day ,I woke up earlier than usual so I could dedicate some time into researching where and “ how to real estate investing” before getting ready for work.

Coffee in hand I headed to Google and typed in “how to real estate investing”

It wasn’t long before I realised this was probably not the best idea. The amount of information coming at me was overwhelming! My motivation soon turned to dread. I was consuming content after content and was no closer to taking my first step to becoming a property investing mogul.

Disheartened I shut my laptop screen and got ready for work.

It was another hour plus long trek into the city – if I am lucky with no train delays! I remember that day at work very clearly. It was a challenging day. Don’t get me wrong I loved my job and respected the company I worked for. In fact I was proud to work for this company.

I know that sounds strange but even with all the success I have had with work I always felt like something was missing and no matter how well I did at work I never felt fulfilled.

I realised that it wasn’t the job, nor the company nor any of the people I worked with. It was me. I didn’t like that I only had 2 days to look forward to spending time with my family and pursuing my other interests.

I didn’t like that my children barely saw me and when they did I was always so exhausted from the travel to and from work. I particularly did not like that I wasn’t in control of when I worked, who I worked with , what I worked on – even though I was in a position of leadership and my standing at work was that I enjoyed more flexibility than most – it still wasn’t enough.

The reason I remember that day so well is because I knew I couldn’t keep having much more days like that.

I decided I had to keep my fire lit and get my property investing journey started that year.

I was so eager to hurry back home that day and after my shower I opened up my laptop again and persisted with my google search of the morning “how to real estate investing”.

I knew if I left it any longer and kept procrastinating and putting it off
because it was all too hard and too complex that my freedom would never come. I was determined to kick off my property investing career and I would not be deterred.

A few weeks later it was Christmas and my brother and I exchanged investing books. I gifted him “Warren Buffett On Business” and I received what would go on to be the best Christmas I ever received as an adult – 0-130 properties in 3.5 years by Steve McKnight.

I immediately started devouring this book and realised as I was getting to
the end of Chapter 1, I had to slow down and treat this like a textbook. So I ruffled through the kids things to find highlighters and “borrowed” a brand new notebook so I could continue reading while taking notes.

I headed back to my laptop and typed in Now I was heading somewhere. What a wonderful community to help budding investors find their way.

The forums on were second to none and I found enormous value there.

I quickly learnt that for me to get the right answers, I had to ask better questions.

I spent all of 2017 heading to every after hours seminar and online webinar on property investing you could find. Some of the webinars I attended twice. I met with and listened to almost every Australian property guru you could think of in 2017.

There was just something missing in what they were selling and how they were selling it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that all of them were disingenuous or anything like that. There just wasn’t a speaker nor course they were selling resonate with me.

I suppose having the foundation set for me after reading 0-130 properties in 3.5 years by Steve McKnight gave me a huge advantage that year to ensure I wasn’t signing up to just “any” property course.

I was looking for the best course for me to bring my property investing career to life, with purpose.

It got to September 2017 and after more than 8 months of seminars and webinars I remember speaking to my partner about losing my will to keep going because I was so motivated to commit to a course, yet something was keeping me from signing on the dotted line.

Lo and behold a couple of days later the man himself , Steve McKnight, announces a speaking tour! I could not believe it! “Feb 2019 – Steve McKnight at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre”

Between Sept 2017 and Feb 2019 I only attended 1x other seminar because I had paid for it already and they were really good.

Yet I was saving myself to see what Steve had to offer. I am so glad I did. I was captivated from the moment I got there. You could feel it in the air, the quality of setting, the energy of the room, and I met so many amazing people there.

Not only did Steve meet my expectations – he exceeded them by elevating my understanding to a completely different level.

The messaging made so much sense and compared to every single seminar I had been to in 2017 , I felt like Steve’s price for his course was the most value for what you got out of it.

I couldn’t wait to get stuck into it and enjoyed Steve’s course. I quickly went from 0 properties to 3 investments in just over 1 year. Now, I have completed multiple renovations, a new build, multiple Joint Venture deals, mentored and coached other budding property investors and started my own property investing business (Premium Property Profits).

Just over 2 years after signing up for Steve’s course, my property investing career is in full swing and there is much more to achieve!

It all started with a decision.

A decision not to be intimated and overwhelmed. A decision not to put off making important, difficult decisions and a decision to take uncomfortable steps. It was only after I committed to following through on my first decision to google search for “ how to real estate investing” even after I had initially been so overwhelmed, that fate brought Steve McKnight into my life, and I was not about to take this blessing for granted.

Today Jason and I (we met doing Steve’s course together) found that there were too many people oversimplifying property investing. Accepting any and every “deal” that comes their way because “margin is margin” without much respect for risk and due diligence.

There is hardly any concept of opportunity cost because the reality of harder work to secure great deals is rather inconvenient and a harder “sell” when trying to glorify and instragram property investing.

Even if most deals make “some” money , not every deal is the “best” money for the time, money and risk involved.

Shehan Tambinayagam

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