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How does PPP help my investment journey?

Jason and Shehan offer Services that Improve your Competitive Advantage in Property Investing.

Your competitive investor advantage is: 

  • Improve your skill and expertise through education
  • This in turn allows you to cost effectively turn problems into solutions to
  • Unlock manufactured premium profits

The greater the problem the greater the potential for profit.

Clearly the more problems you need to take on and open yourself to more opportunities for greater profit, the better the management needs to be – otherwise those problems will consume you.

Investment Education and Training


and Advice



Investment Education and Training

Having trained under the tutelage one of Australia’s most successful property investors and property mentors, Jason and Shehan offer quality, practical education and training for beginners as well as experienced investors. 

Whether it’s you first ever property deal, looking to get a better outcome on a deal you in the middle of or looking to complete multi-dwelling developments we can help coach you towards your property investing goals.

We will teach you all the tools and resources, share all the systems and formulas that has worked, not just for us, but so many property investors that we learnt with and have coached in the past.

Consultation and Advice

We understand that sometimes you may just need a helping hand with a project. Perhaps you do not require the full education nor do you need anyone to completely manage your project, but do not quite have all the pieces of the puzzle to successfully reduce your risks and maximise your profits. 

We can support your project as consultants and provide expert insight and advice to mentor the project to a successful completion.  The best thing about our consultation and advice offer is that we are flexible with our approach to suit your personal circumstances and the deal with the specifics of your project/projects on a case by case basis.

Project Management

If you are a busy professional and/or parent and still want to use Australian property to invest and create wealth, you might want to consider using our project management service.

Successful Property investing is an incredibly involved process and requires a lot of time and effort. Remember money follows management.

A good principle is to live by is that Bad management will turn a good deal bad and a bad deal worse. While Good management will turn a bad deal good and a good deal Great!

We project manage everything from a buy and hold for growth or cashflow (negative

gearing and positive cashflow) to micro apartments, to renovations and multi developments.

Our Systems and Processes Relating to Project Management Involve 8 Stages. 

Here is a snapshot of what might be involved in a simple development project. 

Even though every effort has been made to try and capture the entire process and simplify in a list format to help you better understand, we might not have covered every single item because there are many moving parts on a case by case basis.

Once in consultation, we will break down in detail the services provided for your specific project.

If you are interested in developing property for profit, first you need to take into account a wide range of variables.

Do you have the time, knowledge and capital to undertake such a process? 

Are you willing to take on significant financial risk for the financial reward?

If you answered yes, to some or all of those questions, you may indeed be capable of being involved in a property development
project and perhaps even managing the process yourself.

If you are a novice you would need to start at an appropriate level that you would feel comfortable with before beginning your first project.

As Warren Buffet said “Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing”.

Our 8 Stage Project Management Checklist is available for you. This document will try to outline the development process for you in 8 stages to help you know what you are doing during the property development process. 

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Our Systems and ProcessesRelating to Project ManagementInvolve 8 Stages.

Click below for your FREE PDF download

Jason and Shehan offer Services that Improve your Competitive Advantage in Property Investing.