Will it go up or will it go down?

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Well here we are Victoria, in another lockdown, and this makes me wonder how things will pan out for the property market.

Investing in real estate is tricky even at the best of times. 

In their forecast , CBA has released a scenario of what the most likely scenario is in their forecasted upside. It is forecasting an enormous boom in asset prices: house price growth of 8 per cent this year and stock price growth of 12 per cent. Unemployment is predicted to fall even as Jobkeeper tapers off.

Lucky for us, CBA has released a pretty graph showing the most likely scenario and contrasting that with the downside scenario for 2021. 
After all, delays in the vaccine is not good news, and we have just experienced another hard lock-down in Victoria (and on Chinese New Year too !)

The initial phases of the rollout were always going to be slow, with just 80,000 people a week getting vaccinated at the beginning. Delays in the arrival of vaccines mean it will be mid-Spring before most of the population gets vaccinated.

What’s most likely? Boom or bust?

Well , CBA are the same people that predicted “Armageddon” last year and as it always goes to show, forecasts are not an exact science.

I can forecast exactly what’s going to happen accurately.


Here it goes, the market will go up, will go down and go sideways. That’s my prediction and I am very confident about it. 

Those are the 3 options, and there are only 3. The rest is noise and distractions. If you are investing in real estate, or are planning a real estate investing career , the only way to enjoy consistent premium profits is…….strategy ! 

What investing in real estate is not about, is buying into the hype and forecasts such as this one. Real estate investing is not all about the booms or busts, bulls or bears, greed or fear.

Investing in real estate is all about strategy. 

So what if house prices go up by 8%? How do you profit ? What about if it’s all doom and gloom? How do you profit when the market is going down? How do you make money when the market is stagnant? 
It’s all about strategy. Enjoy the graph, but more importantly lock in a winning strategy.

Contact us today to discuss your strategy and we can talk about how Premium Property Profits can help you develop the right strategy in any market.

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